Let’s cook.


Let’s cook, yo!

I’m the first to admit that I’m not in love with cooking. However, I do love having cooked. I get so bored chopping, prepping, and washing dishes, but it’s worth it if I can fill up the fridge with wholesome and tasty food. These are some ways I’ve dealt with my cooking boredom:
1. Try new things. The first year I lived off-campus, I ate bok choy with chickpeas and tomato sauce hundreds of times, and now I can’t stomach bok choy. Which is too bad because it’s really cheap. Now I hunt down recipes on Pinterest or in cookbooks and never make the same thing twice in a row. Also, I buy something I’ve never tried before every time I shop for groceries. This has resulted in some questionable purchases (canned cappucino), but also some fun discoveries (okra!).

2. Cook a big batch of something and freeze it. This means you don’t have to cook as often! I make a big pot of something hearty and healthy, like stew, chilli or soup, and eat it for lunch all week long.

3. Listen to music while you cook. I find playlists on 8tracks and blast them in the kitchen. Music makes anything less boring. Vintage Outkast is always a good bet.

Yeah that’s all I got folks.


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