no regrets

Black bean and quinoa enchilada bake from Two Peas & Their Pod
I just got out of Calculus and I’m sitting here eating the lunch I packed even though it’s not even 11 yet. That’s how good this cheesy quinoa bake is. 

Easiness: 5/5
Cheapness: 3.5/5 – Red peppers and quinoa ain’t cheap. But otherwise the ingredients are pretty basic.
Healthiness: 5/5 – I used 1 cup of shredded low-fat cheese rather than the 2 cups of regular cheese that the recipe suggested. The dish was still deliciously cheesy.

Speed of preparation: 4/5 – It takes 20 minutes to cook the quinoa and 30 minutes to bake the whole thing, but the hands-on time is minimal.

Deliciousness: 5/5. Jalapeno, cumin, chili powder, and lime give this lots of lively flavor. Also CHEESE.
Now I have 5-6 more meals in the freezer. Life is good.


big hug soup

Curried red lentil, kale and sweet potato soup via Eats Well With Others


Oh Rust. You’re no Jesse Pinkman but maybe you’ll do.

This is a good, basic recipe that I’ll probably make again. I watched the first episode of True Detective while the soup was simmering – I need a new show to obsess over now that BB is over.

Easiness: 5/5 – Can you chop things? Can you put them in a pot with other things? Turning on a burner – is it in your skill set? Then you can make this soup.

Tastiness: 3.5/5 – The soup had a nice mild flavor from the coconut milk, but I would have appreciated more spice. If I make it again, I’ll use a whole jalapeno and more curry powder, and I’ll use broth instead of water.

Healthfulness: 5/5

Quickness: 3/5 – Not much hands-on time, but you have to let the soup simmer for half an hour.

Cheapness: 5/5 – God I love lentils.

Overall rating: Pretty decent.